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Ram Rebel Gets Two New Color Packages


Confident Pickup Offers Variety of Shades

When you arrive on the scene in the 2017 Ram Rebel 1500 pickup, you don’t need to announce your arrival with loud, splashy colors. The Ram Rebel is a pickup with such outstanding off-road capability that it can come in more quiet tones, like the recently released Mojave Sand, which pairs with some black accents to create a quiet, yet aggressive look. Of course, if loud and boisterous is more your cup of team, the Rebel is happy to oblige with the also recently-released Ignition Orange Sport package, which includes black decals on the hood and black Ram badging on the tailgate and hood. Both color combinations come in a limited production run of just 1,500 units. See how you can get your hands on either the subdued or boisterous Rebel by talking to the pros at Chapman Dodge.

Powered by HEMI for Outstanding Performance

If you think of 1960s muscle cars when you think of HEMI performance, it’s time to expand your thought process. The latest iterations of the HEMI engine are still in the Challenger and Charger, but have also made their way to the Ram Truck lineup. The Rebel has a 5.7L HEMI V8 option that produces 395 horsepower and a stunning 410 pound feet of torque. That’s plenty to pass any truck on the highway, or climb that ridge that seems too steep for others to conquer. The HEMI gets a respectable 22 mpg on the highway, but if you’d like to up that figure the Rebel comes with a standard 3.6L 24-valve V6 that still provides plenty of power.

Rebel Also Provides Plenty of Creature Comforts

From an available integrated navigation touchscreen to the leather seats with the Rebel logo stitching, the new Ram Rebel provides a comfortable interior from which to do your dirty work. Add the Luxury Group package and you not only get an auto-dimming exterior mirror, but turn signals and courtesy lamps in your side mirrors, which are also heated and offer power folding ability. Remote Start, a reconfigurable instrument cluster, rear back-up camera and keyless enter n’ go are other fun features. An available Rambox cargo management system provides a secure place for tools, camping gear or any item. It is illuminated, drainable and can still haul a full sheet of plywood. Four Wheeler Magazine named the 2016 Ram Rebel its “Offroad Truck of the Year.” See why by visiting Chapman Dodge for a test drive.

New HEMI Kits Let You Upgrade Your Ride


Give Old Muscle Car Some Love

Have an old Mopar muscle car from the 1960s or early 70s that needs a bit of a refresher performance-wise? Dodge announced at the recent SEMA show in Las Vegas that they are rolling out a pair of new crate engine kits that are virtually plug and play. The Mopar 345 Crate HEMI and 392 Crate HEMI engine kits are available through the parts department at Chapman Dodge. “Our new Mopar Crate HEMI engine Kits answer enthusiast demand for a relatively simple solution for plugging modern-day HEMI engine power into their classic Mopar rides,” according to Chrysler parts and service chief Pietro Gorlier. “The engine kits include the hardware to plant a 5.7-liter or 6.4-liter HEMI engine under the hood with the factory-backed confidence that comes when using Mopar parts. They also offer optional front-end accessory kits like power steering or even exhaust manifolds to make installation easier.”

Includes Everything for Installation

The two new HEMI engine kits include everything you need to bring your old beast up to speed. Included in the kit is a powertrain control module, chassis and engine wiring harnesses, power distribution center, accelerator pedal, ground jumper, O2 sensors, air temp sensor and completely detailed installation instructions. Both engine kits are engineered for use with manual transmissions, but automatic transmissions can also be used with some adaptations. These kits have everything you need to take a Gen III HEMI engine and install it. Additional accessories for air conditioning and rear sump oil pan are also available.

Dodge Shows Off Modified Challenger, Jeep

SEMA was the perfect opportunity for Dodge to show off a modified Challenger and Jeep with HEMI Crate engine kits under the hood. The Dodge Shakedown Challenger took a classic 1971 vehicle and installed the 392 engine kit, along with a modern interior to create a unique show vehicle. The Shakedown Challenger utilized a cold-air intake to help generate 485 horses. A modified body was streamlined to make an impact at the show, including removing the door handles entirely while integrating the head and tail lamps from a 2017 Challenger to create a perfect blend of old and new. The Jeep CJ66 started with a TJ frame and a 1966 Wrangler body wrapped around the 345 Crate HEMI kit. With 383 horses running the show, this is one off-road beast that takes a back seat to no one. If your love of Mopar has you looking for a way to upgrade your old muscle car, swing by the parts department at Chapman Dodge to get all the information on the new HEMI Crate engine kits.

Ram Rebel TRX Concept Hits 100 MPH Off-road


Powerful Truck Turns Heads at Texas State Fair

They say things are bigger in Texas and that was never more true than when the Ram Rebel TRX recently invaded the Lonestar State Fair. The Rebel TRX Concept is designed to annihilate the roughest terrain at speeds that are scary even on paved highway. “With 575 supercharged horsepower and a suspension system built to withstand an all-day hammering, the Rebel TRX concept can devour the roughest terrain at more than 100 miles per hour and never look back,” according to Ram Brand Chief Mike Manley. Speaking of the fair, he said, “The Ram Rebel TRX concept was built specifically for this event and solidifies Ram Truck’s position as the off-road pickup leader.” Although the Rebel TRX isn’t available for sale yet, keep in touch with Chapman Dodge and let them know you’d be interested in a test drive.

6.2L Hemi is Workhorse Behind the Rebel

Dodge is making no bones that the Rebel TRX is taking dead aim at Ford’s Raptor for superiority in the off-road market. With a 575 horsepower 6.2L Hemi under the hood, the TRX has 125 more horses than the most powerful Raptor. Ram Truck engineers optimized the synchronization between the transmission, drivetrain and engine to provide the best response for off-road challenges. A custom suspension makes room for the monstrous 37-inch tires, giving drivers better control and clearance for fallen trees and bolders. An electric locker distributes the power evenly to both rear wheels, maximizing traction.

Design Reminiscent of Power Wagon

If you’re one of those off-roadies who love the unbridled aggressive look of the old Dodge Power Wagon, you’re going to love the new Ram Rebel TRX. The sculpted fenders and muscular grille dare anything to get in the way with a big bold “RAM” chiseled into the front brush guard, just above the skid plate. A giant hood scoop feeds the engine with fresh air while exhaust ports are neatly integrated with the side rock rails. Another Ram logo provides a neat wrapper to the package, located on the tailgate to let people you pass know the cause of that blur.

Seats Designed to Keep You in Place

Bouncing through the desert or forest can be exciting, but it’s better if you feel you are in control. The specially-designed seats have large bolsters with mesh inserts that grip your clothes, holding you in one spot no matter how rough the ride. Six point harnesses are on all four seats to help you stay in place. Keep in touch with Chapman Dodge to seen when the new Ram Rebel TRX is ready to take its place as the leading production off-road truck in America.


Now’s the Time to Deal on 2016 Models

If you’ve had your eye on the popular Dodge Journey SUV, there’s no better time than the present to head over to Chapman Dodge and get a great deal on select 2016 models. Dodge is offering 20 percent off the MSRP on some Journeys, which adds up to an average of $6,400 off the sticker price. With an available V6 engine that produces 283 horsepower, this versatile trooper can carry up to seven adults with ease. Efficiency ratings are as high as 26 miles per gallon, making the Dodge Journey a great choice for a daily driver or occasional road trip. With a range of up to 500 miles per tank, you’ll make great time on those Phoenix to Los Angeles runs.

Choose From Extra Power or Efficiency

The 3.6L Pentastar V6 motor is the workhorse of the Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep lineup, powering everything from the iconic off-road Wrangler to full-size Ram Pickups. It makes sense that Dodge chose this engine as the power option in the Journey, making the SUV strong enough to tow good-size recreational vehicles while maintaining excellent gas mileage. If you want a little more efficiency, opt for the 16-valve 2.4L 4-cylinder engine. Dodge has tuned the engine and transmission to provide plenty of torque while still ranking among the leaders in its class for fuel mileage.

Pile in the Cargo, There’s Plenty of Room

Whether you choose to haul 7 people or some combination of people and stuff, the Dodge Journey has plenty of room with 67 cubic feet of cargo space. The incredibly versatile interior is not only comfortable, but the fold-flat front passenger seat optimizes the cargo space. Fold the rear seats down and you can even fit a kayak inside. Keep the seats up and there’s plenty of room for your softball team including all the bats and balls. The second row conveniently slides back and forth to allow for more legroom in the rear. The Dodge Journey is the only vehicle in its class to provide second row child booster seats. Use the seat when your child is with you, or fold it away neatly when an adult needs the space.

Need More Room? Try the Roof

The roof of the Dodge Journey is an impressive 4 by 8 feet, allowing you to tie everything from bicycles and skis to tents and mattresses to the sturdy roof rails. With a 20 percent discount on select models, there’s really no reason not to head to Chapman Dodge and see how the 2016 Dodge Journey can solve all your cargo and people hauling needs.

Pacifica Poised to Take Back Minivan Crown


Chrysler’s New Model Excels

It’s been more than 30 years since Chrysler took the auto world by storm with the introduction of its sibling minivans. Under the direction of famed auto chief Lee Iacocca, the Chrysler Town and Country and Dodge Caravan sold more than 200,000 units that first year and have been steady sellers ever since. Aside from some upgraded trim and a few other changes, the Town and Country has been pretty much the same vehicle as the Caravan for most of those 30 years. That ends now with the introduction of the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. Replacing the reliable Town and Country, the Pacifica hopes to regain some of the momentum from those earlier years that has been lost to the SUV market. You can see the improvements with an inspection and test drive by visiting Chapman Chrysler in Scottsdale.

Pacifica Poised to ‘Slug it Out’ for Market Share

Although the other big two of Detroit have dropped out of the minivan market, competition from Honda, Toyota and even Kia has driven Chrysler to rethink the product. The result of that rethinking is a people and stuff hauler that has tons of creature comforts with innovations like foot-operated sliding doors, heated seats in the second row and touchscreen mounted on the rear of the driver and front passenger seat. A sculpted design with a definite aerodynamic look moves away from the standard box minivan format in a desire to lure young families who may shy away from the “soccer mom” designation of past minivan drivers. Car and Driver magazine calls the Chrysler Pacifica the “best looking minivan on the market,” adding that Chrysler is poised to “slug it out against the best of the competition.”

Dependable V6 Provides Plenty of Power

If there’s one thing that links the entire Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep lineup, it’s the time-proven Pentastar V6 engine. That’s the motor that powers everything from coupes and sedans to the Wrangler. The version that’s in the Pacifica produces 287 horsepower. When matched up with a seamless 9-speed automatic, it produces plenty of power for passing trucks or making freeway merges. For those keeping score, it also completes the 0-60 mph run in 7.3 seconds, which is quicker than any of its competitors. Stay tuned later this year for a hybrid model.

Enjoy Good Handling and Comfortable Ride

Car and Driver editors are impressed with the Pacifica’s responsive handling and ease maneuvering through tight urban areas. Well-tuned dampers help it soak up highway bumps with little impact on passengers. Head over to your Scottsdale Chrysler dealer, Chapman Chrysler, to see all of the industry firsts included in the Pacifica. Don’t overlook the onboard vacuum cleaner, a must after spending a few days on a long road trip during summer vacation.