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Summer is perfect for road trips, camping trips, and day outings, which means lots of miles and stress on a car.  Checking a car before heading out is vital to ensure the personal safety of passengers as well as to prevent damage to a car. Below Dodge service department has created an inspection checklist that will make sure the any road trip will run as smoothly and safely as possible.

On the outside of your car:

  • Wheels:  Check the tread of the tires to make sure they aren’t worn down and using an air pressure gauge make sure the tires are inflated to the right levels. It’s also a good idea to check rims, lug nuts, and hub oil seals.
  • Lights:  First turn your car on and make sure the headlights work properly, as well as the high and low beams. Make sure all signal lights work as well such as brake lights, stop lights, parking lights, and hazards lights.
  • Glass:  Clean mirrors and windshields to eliminate any dirt and grime, also ensure the windshield wipers are working.
  •  Suspension: Double check the spring mount, springs, and shock absorbers for wear and tear.

On the inside:

  • Engine: Obviously this is one of the most important features to check before heading out on a long road trip. So first check to make sure you have no ignition problems, and then check the engine oil and coolant levels. Be sure to also check the air compressor belts, the water pump, alternator and the power steering for any problems.
  • Steering: Check all power steering fluid levels and drive the car around the block to make sure the steering is working fine. Blow the horn too, to ensure it works as well.
  • Battery: Pop the hood and do a visual check of the battery, there should be no unsecure connections or out of place objects. There should be no corrosion or damage on the battery box as well.
  • Brakes: Another vital feature to check, brake problems are important to catch before hitting the road. First check the brake fluid than start the car and test the brakes. Drive a little at a slower speed, than brake hard and fast, there should be no squealing or screeching from the brakes. Check the emergency brake the same way.

By taking the time to check these few things your road trip will be a lot safer for you and everyone else in the car. Make sure to also check your fuel levels and stay aware of any troubling sounds or unusual feelings while driving. Also remember that if you don’t feel comfortable checking all of these aspects on your own,  your local Scottsdale Dodge will be more than willing to inspect the car and ensure their working properly.