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The 2013 Jeep Wrangler Moab Edition was built with the mountainous trails of Moab Utah in mind. It is perfect for off-road enthusiasts who are looking for a ride that can withstand the toughest trails. Here are some of its key features:

Pentastar® V6 This engine is designed for off-roading. It has a revised throttle body, a rear-facing alternator, and a snake-like belt that avoids water and mud. The Mopar® power-dome hood with custom black decals gives a glimpse of this powerful monster.

Sunrider® Soft Top Forget the hardtop! This wrangler comes standard with a dust-resistant soft top that allows you to enjoy the sun while on the trail. The new Lift Assist feature makes it even easier to lower the top. Hardtops are also an option.

Dana 44 This standard rear axle makes off-roading possible. It’s Tru-Lok® optional capability helps distribute power evenly between the rear wheels to give you the utmost traction.

Command-Trac® 4WD This four-wheel drive system gives you complete control of your vehicle no matter where you drive it. It comes standard with a Trac-Lok® limited slip rear differential for added traction in the absence of the Tru-Lok® Locker. Find out more about these features at Chapman Dodge.

Mopar® Rock Rails These satin black rails made of heavy gauge steel tubing protect the lower sides of your wrangler so you don’t have to worry when you venture out on the rockiest trails.

Kevlar® Tires The Moab Edition is equipped with exclusive Goodyear Silent Armor tires and black Rubicon 17-inch wheels that are tough enough for off-roading.

Mopar® Slush Mats Go ahead, get dirty! The deep grooves on these mats capture water, mud and snow so that it doesn’t ruin the carpet. They are removable and easy to clean.

Garmin® Navigation Don’t get lost! The “bread crumb” feature keeps track of your destinations so you can see where you are and where you’ve been.  It can also display temperatures, fuel economy, distance to empty, tire pressures and has a digital compass.

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Make your Dodge extra special and extra you with Mopar parts and accessories. Use your imagination to customize your ride with Mopar’s wide variety of interior and exterior items. Here’s a few ideas:

Interior Accessories

Rear View Camera System: Replace your current rearview mirror with one that includes a 3.5” LCD monitor that gives you a clear view of what’s behind your car. Don’t have Bluetooth? No worries. A hands free Bluetooth phone is also integrated into the mirror.

Interior Lighting: Illuminate the inside of your Dodge with Mopar’s Interior Ambient Lighting kit. With the turn of a knob, you can select which multi-color LEDs you want to use. When your mood changes, select a different color to match.

Pedal Kit: Set your vehicle apart with Bright Pedal Covers that fit your Dodge pedals perfectly. Mopar’s are made of polished stainless steel and are easy to install.

Cargo Tote: Organize your sporting equipment, tools and safety gear in Mopar’s Collapsible Cargo Tote. Snap-in dividers allow you to customize your storage space and carry handles make it easy to transport. It’s easy to clean, has skid-resistant rubber on the bottom and folds down to portable size.

Kicker Stage III Upgrade: Amp up your Challenger’s factory sound system with Mopar’s Stage III upgrade. The kit comes with brand-new front and rear speakers, an amplifier and a subwoofer that make your vehicle different from all the others at the Scottsdale Dodge dealer. You will feel the bass in every song that plays!

Exterior Accessories

Wheels: Choose from 17”, 18” or 20” chrome plated, polished and/or painted Mopar wheels. Wheels are made of cast or forged aluminum and are treated with a durable coat that fights corrosion.

Rear Spoiler: Give your Dodge more character with a Mopar rear spoiler. Spoilers are designed to match the lines of your car so they don’t look like add-ons. Get the sporty look you’ve always wanted.

Roof Mount: Mopar offers a variety of removable roof mounts to transport all of your recreational items. Whether you’re headed to the mountains, river, lake or bike path, a roof mount will make your trip easy and more enjoyable.

Grille: Add a grille to the front of your Dodge to give it a custom look. Combine with appliques to really make your ride unique.

Applique/Decal Kits: Appliques and decals allow you to really personalize your vehicle and make it different from any other Dodge. Add pinstripes, full body-side beltlines, complete hood cover and many other designs. Choose black, white and even blue.

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