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Dodge Service

Bringing your car in for service, whether for routine maintenance or a repair, can be an unpleasant experience.  Few drivers would choose to take the time to have their car serviced if they could avoid it, but a visit to the service center is inevitable for everyone who owns a vehicle.  In order to ensure that you get the most of each visit, here are five important questions to ask your service advisor the next time you visit your Scottsdale Dodge dealer.

1.  Is my vehicle due for scheduled maintenance?  Manufacturers intend for some components of your vehicle to deteriorate over time so that more expensive parts endure less stress.  Filters, brake pads, fluids, and other necessary components need to be inspected and serviced at pre-determined times or mileages – these inspections are known as “service intervals.”  The technician at the service center will likely know each interval and the service for which it calls for your car, and ensuring that these inspections are performed decreases the likelihood that your vehicle will suffer a future breakdown.

2.  What can I do to ensure that my vehicle is operating well between service visits?  The best kind of repair is the one which is never needed because a potential problem was identified and corrected before it caused further damage.  Ask the service technician to show you how to check your vehicle’s fluids, how to read and interpret gauges, and specific concerns that may affect your vehicle’s year, make, and model.  At times, identifying that your oil pressure is too high, to take one example, and coming in for service right away prevents damage which would otherwise result in costly repairs.

3.  Have any recalls been issued for my vehicle?  The experts at your local Dodge Service center likely perform a recall check each time a vehicle is serviced, but it can never hurt to ask.  Manufacturers frequently update recall databases and send notices to both service centers and owners.  Identifying the need for recall service while you are at the service center can eliminate the need for a return trip.

4.  Is this maintenance covered by my warranty?  Many new vehicles come with factory warranties, and dealers offer additional service packages at the time of purchase.  Before paying out-of-pocket for your service, be sure that the work being done is not covered by the warranty or a supplemental service plan that you purchased with the vehicle.  You may be surprised to learn that the service you need is included.

5.  What would you do if this were your car?  If you bring your car to the service center for major repairs, this question can be important.  If you are concerned about whether to repair a component, replace a component, or trade in your vehicle and purchase a new one, the technician’s opinion is often informative.  By making the service technician personally reflect on the situation, you may receive insights which can help make your decision easier.  At Chapman Dodge, every technician treats every vehicle as though it were their own, and they will provide honest and thoughtful advice for these and any other inquiries you may have.