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There is no question that Dodge, and the new vehicles at Chapman Dodge, are already some of the most well designed and stylish vehicles on the road today. Now, that’s not to say that, at times, it’s not completely unnecessary to want to add a little personalization to a Dodge vehicle in the form of performance, style or functionality, all of which are offered through Mopar accessories.


Nothing says functional like a roof rack. Installing the proper Mopar accessory can increase your vehicle’s usability tremendously. It can be used to transport bikes, boats and kayaks, not to mention storage containers for luggage or camping supplies.

Roof racks make sense for most active people who buy a vehicle from Chapman Dodge. They offer a level of customization without hindering usability.


While the vehicles at Chapman Dodge already look quite good, some out there want to add a bit more style to their cars. These additional bits of flare range in price and effectiveness and include rear-deck spoilers, different rims, stripes and other accentuating pieces. There is a something for every car and every budget. Be sure to check out all that Mopar accessories have to offer.


This is where the big boys run. Performance is a key thread in all of Chapman Dodge’s vehicles. We hold nothing back. Our extensive list of performance Mopar accessories is impressive.

We have things that add a little or a lot of power, depending on what you want out of you vehicle. Are you looking to give it a deeper growl while cruising? On the other hand, are you looking to dominate at the local drag strip? From air intakes, throttle bodies and differing exhaust systems Chapman is the place to find your inner dragster.

In the end, there is a copious amount of accessories available to spruce up your ride, new or used. Be sure to check out everything Mopar has to offer – you may surprise yourself about what you find and what you want to do to your ride. But be warned, once you start, you can’t stop!