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‘Night’ Trim Package Provides Blacked Out Appearance

Jeep arrived at the Los Angeles Auto Show with a couple of new special editions that are sure to appeal to Jeep buyers who are looking for something different. The Grand Cherokee SRT Night package turns the familiar SUV into something of a mystery machine, with a black roof, spoiler and front bezels. The black theme continues onto the side pillars and around the side windows. Badging is also black, as is the 20-inch wheels. Black Laguna leather continues the theme on the interior, which is set off with contrasting silver accent stitching. You can see the Cherokee SRT Night edition at Chapman Jeep early next year.

Wrangler Backcountry Stresses Off-road Abilities

Jeep Wrangler lovers will appreciate all the little touches the new Backcountry edition utilizes to emphasize its ability to handle tough road conditions and off-road trails. From a beefy front end designed to plow through high snow or brush to the powder coated rear bumper, this Wrangler is all business. It’s built on the Sahara platform, so it has the unique Sahara side steps, along with Rubicon rock rails. A hard black roof tops off the package with special graphics adorned on the quarter panels. McKinley leather adorns the interior in black, with a touch of gray providing the accents. An Alpine sound system provides the tunes, while slush mats make cleaning up after a hard day on the road a breeze. The Backcountry Wrangler will be available for test drives at Chapman Jeep later this month.

Cherokee Ready to Unleash the Horses

As with all Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT models, the Night package has the 6.4-liter V8 under the hood, ready to deliver up to 475 horses with a spine crunching 470 foot pounds of torque. This mighty wagon can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.8 seconds on the way to a top speed of 160 miles per hour. “Jeep enthusiasts anticipate and truly appreciate special-edition models that deliver a customized Jeep SUV right from factory,” said Mike Manly, Jeep Brand Chief. “The Grand Cherokee SRT Night and Wrangler Backcountry both offer a distinctive appearance, while delivering an array of prominent performance and capability features.”

Grand Cherokee Offers Four Standard Models

As one of the most popular SUVs on the market, the Jeep Grand Cherokee offers four standard models. The Laredo is the base model, starting at just under $32,000. Spend a little more for the Laredo E and you get some more luxury, including a power 8-way driver’s seat with lumbar support. The Limited is the top of the line, but still comes in at under $40,000 for a 4×4 SUV equipped with every modern luxury and convenience.


Fastest Growing Auto Line in U.S.

It seems that people can’t get enough of the Jeep brand, from the newly-released Renegade to the iconic Wrangler, Jeep products are the fastest growing model line in the U.S. for the second straight year. Jeep sales rose 41 percent last year and are on a 23 percent incline this year. The second place automaker this year is Subaru, with sales increasing at a 14 percent clip. Along with Ram pickups, Jeep is the main source of revenue for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the nation’s third biggest automaker. See the complete lineup of Jeeps at your Scottsdale Jeep dealer, Chapman Jeep.

Low Fuel Prices Helping Boost Auto Sales

The entire American auto industry is on a significant upswing, buoyed by low fuel prices and reasonable interest rates. People have been in love with the Jeep brand since the end of World War II, when the little Wrangler proved its worth on the battle fields of Europe and Africa. The phenomenon of Jeep’s increased sales is not only on the American front. Worldwide sales of the brand rose by a whopping 39 percent in 2014, hitting over one million sales for the first time. One of the reasons is the brand name recognition. Jeep is the recognized leader in off-road capability. The other reason is the wide selection of products in the Jeep line. Jeep now offers seven different models to fit different budgets and needs.

New Renegade Selling Well

The latest model in the Jeep bullpen is the renegade, a small SUV that has a starting price under $18,000. It comes with your choice of front or four-wheel drive and a choice of a 1.4-liter or 2.4-liter engine. Get the bigger engine and 4×4 and you can tackle some of the toughest trails in the world. The Trailhawk model is rated for some of the baddest off-road paths in the world, but it is just as capable of taking the kids to school and making the commute into work. My Sky is a unique innovation that allows you to remove and store the dual panel roof to welcome nature into your vehicle. All the bells and whistles are available on this little Jeep, which you can see at Chapman Jeep in Scottsdale.

Performance Knows No Bounds With Grand Cherokee SRT

Originally conceived as sort of a family station wagon with off-road capabilities, the Grand Cherokee has been a reliable member of the Jeep family for decades. Welcome to 2015, where the new Grand Cherokee SRT is powered by a 6.4-liter HEMI engine that delivers 475 horsepower. Hit the launch control button and hang on as the Grand Cherokee blasts off the line, pinning you back in your seat with a smile that will last all day. A fine-tune handling suspension is as impressive on the track as it is off-road. Drive the new Grand Cherokee SRT and see what fun is all about with a visit to your Scottsdale Jeep dealer.


Pays Respect to Omni GLH from 1980s

The front-wheel drive Omni of the 1980s holds a special place in the 100-year timeline of Dodge vehicles. Love it or hate it, the Omni was memorable for helping save Chrysler from bankruptcy protection. The most interesting trim level was the GLH, which stood for Goes Like Hell. The GLH came from the mind of race master Carroll Shelby, who actually bought up the last 500 models and turned them into the 1986 Shelby GLHS (Goes Like Hell Some More). When Dodge pondered what kind of concept car to bring to SEMA, the Dart GLH was born. The Dodge Dart GLH isn’t available for sale, but there are five trim levels of the sporty sedan ready for your inspection at Chapman Dodge.

Dart GLH Mirrors Look of Omni Ancestor

With its pitch-black paint and lower body red accents, the new Dodge Dart GLH is definitely paying homage to its Omni roots. By mixing available aftermarket products like a front fascia with a grille designed specifically for the concept car, the Dart looks like a panther ready to pounce on some unsuspecting prey. Black 18-inch wheels provide the grip and a high-performance Dart brake kits delivers the stopping power. Custom dual exhaust tips add a nice finishing touch along with a throaty roar when you step on the gas.

Interior Trim a Few Steps Above Old Omni

Although the Omni GLH was a fun, fast little car, it wasn’t known for the quality of materials in the cabin. The Dodge Dart GLH features real Katzkin leather on the seats with red mesh inserts. Red stitching provides a nice contrast throughout. Mopar aftermarket products include a sport steering wheel and racing shift knob, carpet mats and sill plates emblazoned with the Dart logo. Dodge kept the standard 2.4-liter engine in the Dodge, which delivers a best-in-class 184 horsepower. That engine not only provides plenty of pep in the little car, but delivers 35 miles per gallon out on the highway.

Multiple Dart Trim Levels Provide Consumer Choice

Although the GLH is not for sale, there are five trim levels of the 2016 Dodge Dart just waiting for your test drive at Chapman Dodge. The base SE starts at under $17,000. Move on up the line through the SXT, Aero and GT until you arrive at the top of the line Limited, which starts at a very reasonable $23,795. The Limited features 17-inch aluminum wheels, a leather-trim interior and large 8.4 inch touchscreen with navigation, voice command and Bluetooth connectivity. A power sunroof is also standard.

awd challenger

Combines Wicked Power With Super Traction

When the Dodge engineers were kicking around ideas for concept vehicles for this year’s SEMA auto show, it must have been like a bright light bulb going off when one of them thought about taking one of the country’s premier muscle cars and adding all-wheel drive. The result was the Dodge Challenger GT AWD, as much at home on a long desert straightaway as it would be in the snow and ice of a Minnesota winter. They started with a standard Challenger with the 5.7-liter HEMI engine and then added all wheel drive functionality with an eight-speed transmission. The result was a fast car that was made even faster due to the increased traction. Although none of them have all-wheel drive, you can see just how much fun the Challenger can be with a visit to Chapman Dodge.

Aftermarket Body Kit Provides Wider Stance

Part of the reason for creating a concept car is to show the public how aftermarket kits can personalize a stock vehicle. For the Dodge Challenger GT AWD, the builders added a Mopar wide body kit with massive wheel flares. That made room for some 20 by 10-inch monster wheels on the front with even bigger 20 by 11-inch rims on the back. The center caps of the wheels were painted to match the body accents. A front chin splitter and rear spoiler are also parts of the body kit, adding some functionality along with a pleasing look. Quad exhaust tips and a special Mopar fuel filler door added to the vehicle’s unique look.

Suspension Kit Brings Vehicle Closer to Road

A Mopar suspension kit lowered the vehicle’s center of gravity, providing even better handling when coupled with the all-wheel drive. A Scat Pack 3 performance kit enhanced the power output by adding new cylinder heads, hi-flow manifolds and catalysts, a new gasket set and other performance hardware. All Mopar Scat Pack kits boost performance without affecting the factory warranty. When you visit Chapman Dodge, make sure and stop by the aftermarket desk so you can start planning how you want to personalize your new Dodge Challenger.

Challenger Provides Most Standard Horsepower in America

Although the all-wheel drive version isn’t available, the Challenger is a classic American muscle car that is undergoing a rebirth. With an available 707-horsepower engine, there is no standard production vehicle more powerful in the United States. Dodge recognizes that you may not actually need 700 horsepower, so there are plenty of lesser alternatives that still deliver a ton of fun in this iconic pony car.


Small SUV Provides Big Performance

When designers created the Jeep Renegade, they did so with the idea of making it just as adept at maneuvering through city traffic as it would be on an off-road trail. By starting at the ground and working their way up, they utilized iconic Jeep-only styling and performance that make this little beast the most capable small SUV on the market. You can see these seven features for yourself with a visit to Chapman Jeep Scottsdale:

Commune with Nature. The Renegade’s exclusive My Sky open roof is made from secure panels that lock in place but can be removed quickly and stored in the cargo hold. The panels go back on just as quickly, allowing you to quickly switch between keeping the bad weather out and enjoying the sunshine and the breeze through the trees.

No Road Too Tough. With the ability to select the suspension and throttle to handle any terrain from snow and sand to mud, you control the Jeep Renegade’s ability to cross the toughest terrain. Step up to the Trailhawk model and you get another setting for rock, which is perfect for crawling up boulders on some tough mountain passes.

Leave the Shifter Alone. The Renegade’s nine-speed automatic transmission moves seamless through the gears, allowing you to focus on either the road or the obstacles in the trail ahead. The transmission works equally well whether upshifting or downshifting, as you can tell with a test drive at Chapman Jeep Scottsdale.

Follow the Light Around Corners. Available cornering fog lamps illuminate the way to let you see where you’re going before it’s too late to make any adjustments. Halogen cornering fog lamps are standard on the Trailhawk, Latitude and Limited models. The bright lights cut through the densest fog to help you safely arrive at your destination.

Comfort is not a Dirty Word. The spacious interior of the new Jeep Renegade provides 118 cubic feet to store your gear, with an available heated steering wheel to help you keep your grip. Dual climate control lets the driver and front passenger adjust the heat and cooling to their preference.

Keep Connected on the Trail. The Jeep UConnect system includes the Sirius XM satellite receiver that lets you listen to music and other entertainment when far out of the reach of standard radio stations. The system also features hands free phone connectivity through Bluetooth and a touchscreen with GPS navigation for mapping trails.

It’s a Jeep. Perhaps the most important feature is the name on the front of the hood. The Jeep Renegade is the beneficiary of years of off-road performance. Best in class 4-wheel drive performance is a part of its heritage and helps guarantee you’ll make it home after a day on the trail.