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Jeep Conservation Team Works With Local Volunteers

Mike and Amanda are a husband and wife team of conservation experts who travel the country 10 months of the year working with local volunteers and land managers to create sustainable trail programs. They travel in a 2015 Jeep Trailhawk Cherokee 4×4 while towing a trailer full of tools that come in handy when building trails. Along with hauling the team and their equipment, the Cherokee is also used as an anchor when they use cables to move large boulders. “The Cherokee is a Boss,” the couple told the Jeep Blog. “It’s also our home and office and we love how comfortable it is, especially when we’re driving 8 to 12 hours a day to get to our next project.” With comfort features like a heated steering wheel and heated seats, the Cherokee keeps them warm in all types of frigid weather. Head over to Chapman Dodge and examine the entire Cherokee lineup for yourself.

Typical Day Ranges From Coffee Shop to Camping

Because Mike and Amanda are constantly on the move and in remote areas, they spend a lot of time camping. Mike estimates they are out in the wilderness at least 150 nights a year. A common day might include hitting up a coffee shop and using the Internet, then meeting with a volunteer group and working on a trail. They are avid climbers, so they like to try out the trails before and after they’ve worked on them. One of their main problems is keeping up with all the work in front of them. “Many of the most popular climbing areas in the country have seen visitation since the early to mid 1900s,” they said. “The number of climbers has been growing ever since, and we’ve seen a huge boom in our numbers the past 10 years or so.” Because of the added stress of more people, many trails are falling into serious disrepair. Most of these areas “have never seen organized efforts” to stop problems like erosion, or even have simple preventive maintenance.

Access Fund Relies on Corporate and Private Donors

Along with contributions by Jeep and other corporate donors, the only funding the pair receives is from private citizens. You can go to to learn how to send money or to volunteer for some trail work in your area. Most of the areas are pretty remote, so if you need a four-wheel drive to get there, consider checking out the deals on a Jeep at Chapman Dodge.


GP-01 Celebrating 75th Birthday in Museum

When the Army asked for prototype vehicles prior to the start of World War II, little did it know that it would be creating an off-road monster still in production today. Called the “GP-01” at the time, it had a nickname of Pygmy. That name didn’t stick, but historians believe that “GP” eventually evolved into Jeep, and the light reconnaissance vehicle that could go through mud, snow or sand is now the Wrangler. “The government didn’t really know what it wanted,” historian Brandt Rosenbuch told USA Today. It had begun work on a small four-wheel drive vehicle with American Bantam in 1937, but then Ford and Willys got in the act and produced prototypes of their own. Based on the Bantam concept, both Ford and Willys producted more than a quarter-million wartime Jeeps each. The original Ford prototype is now in the Veteran’s Memorial Museum in Huntsville, Alabama.

Jeep was the Granddaddy of all SUVs

When you sit in your comfortable Grand Cherokee or other large SUV, recognize that the GP-01 was the vehicle that started it all. “It’s very rare to be able to trace a whole class of vehicles to a single one, but this is where it all began,” said Matt Anderson, curator at the Ford Museum. “It’s an icon of World War II and a symbol of wartime production in the auto industry.” The Jeep was famous for its versatility and ability to travel through all types of rough terrain during the war. GIs snapped up the surplus vehicles after the war was over. Willys seized the moment and switched over to the production of civilian vehicles. The Jeep was popular on farms before becoming the iconic off-road vehicle that it is today. If you’ve never driven a Wrangler, stop by your Scottsdale Jeep dealer, Chapman Dodge, and see why it remains the choice of off-road enthusiasts.

Original Jeep Had All of 42 Horses

The GP-01 in the Veteran’s Museum was sorely lacking in horsepower by today’s standards, but it got the job done. With just 42 horsepower and a 119-cubic inch four cylinder engine, it took a while to get the one-ton vehicle up to speed. For comparison’s sake, the modern Wrangler is powered by a 3.6-liter V6 that produces 285 horsepower and 260 foot pounds of torque. When paired with either the Command-Trac or Rock-Trac four-wheel drive system, there are few trails the little Jeep cannot master. The Wrangler has a number of special off-road packages, including the ultimate Rubicon. Named after one of the toughest trails in America, the Rubicon comes from the factory with everything you need to tame the wild outdoors. Check out the selection of Jeeps and see how they’ve evolved over the years with a visit to Chapman Dodge.


Jeep Jamboree Offering a Waitlist

Jeep Jamboree is sponsoring an off-road event on March 3-5 near the northern Valley city of Anthem. Expect to see a variety of Arizona wild animals and some scenic desert beauty in the spring, along with a bit of Arizona history. The entire area is sprinkled with old building structures, ghost towns and even some mineshafts. Although the trip is currently sold out, there are usually some cancellations. Get your name on a waitlist here. If you’re in the market for a new or used four-wheel drive, visit your Scottsdale Jeep dealer, Chapman Jeep.

Table Mesa Run Offers Variety of Difficulty

The nice part about the Table Mesa Recreation Area north of Phoenix is that it provides a variety of difficulty for off-roaders ranging from novices to more experienced drivers. Scenic routes are little more than driving down a dirt road, but offer new drivers and their families a chance to get out in the desert and see the sights. There are six technical routes that have a difficulty rating up to 8, with 10 being the most difficult. These are excellent places for more seasoned drivers to test their personal skill level, as well as that of their vehicle. Large boulders, loose rocks and sharp ledges offer some excitement for people who spend many weekends a year out on the dusty trail.

Many More Jamborees Available in 2016

If you aren’t lucky enough to get into the Anthem Jamboree, there are a number of upcoming events next year. Southern Utah and Colorado are hosting four Jamboree events with the first at Arch Canyon in late April. From there, the events move into the fall with a September outing at Ouray, Colorado and October events at Moab and Monument Valley, Utah. Platinum Club members have the opportunity for special events at Moab and Telluride, Colorado in September. Please go here for a map and links to all the Jeep Jamboree events for 2016.

Jeep Jamborees are a Family Event

By offering family pricing, Jeep Jamboree organizers encourage bringing the kids along to get them interested in the off-road bug. There must be at least two adults in the vehicle and the kids have to be under 15 to qualify. There are also discounts for active military members. If you’re new to off-roading or considering the sport, visit Chapman Jeep for more information on local clubs and places to visit. Your Scottsdale Jeep dealer can also advise you on the right vehicle for your particular situation.


Designers Started With Wrangler Unlimited Frame

Paying homage to the Jeep Super Wagoneer of the late 1960s, Jeep designers have come up with a nostalgic “Chief” concept vehicle that has enthusiasts salivating for more. By starting with the frame from the Wrangler Unlimited, designers had a step up on the process of creating a new vehicle. Some modifications were made to lower the roof height and the rear doors were successfully camouflaged to make it look like a two-door vehicle. Although there are no promises of making the Chief a production vehicle, you can test drive the entire lineup of trail-rated Jeeps at Chapman Jeep.

Jeep Enjoys Long and Storied History

From the time the predecessor to the Wrangler was introduced for military service in World War II, the Jeep brand has been one of the most innovative automakers in America. In 1961, Jeep broke from building off-road vehicles with the introduction of the Fleetvan. This miniature stepvan was designed for anything from use by the Post Office to an ice cream truck. The introduction of the Wagoneer in 1962 signaled the company’s entry into a family vehicle that could hold dad, mom, a couple of kids and the family dogs. It had all the comfort of other similar vehicles, with the advantage of four wheel drive. The same year brought the introduction of the Jeep Gladiator pickup truck, which was pretty much a Wagoneer where a pickup bed replaced the back two-thirds of the vehicle. Subsequent years saw the introduction of a luxury Wrangler, called the Tuxedo Park, another Jeep pickup and the Jeepster Commando. The Commando came in a hard top, convertible, and roadster edition.

Renegade Newest Jeep to Hit the Trails

With a stylish interior, removable roof panels and a four-wheel drive system that pays proper respect to the Jeep name, the little Renegade subcompact SUV is making a name for itself among four-wheel drive critics. With a standard 1.4-liter turbo engine, remote keyless entry, power windows and audio controls mounted on the steering wheel, the Renegade has the power and creature comforts to make your day excursion one to remember. An innovative front passenger seat folds flat to make more room for cargo in an interior that already leads its class in storage volume. The legendary seven pillar grille surrounded by round headlights tells the world that this is a Jeep. See the Renegade for yourself and take a test drive at your Jeep in Scottsdale dealer,  Chapman Jeep.

Grab a Cherokee During Year End Sales Event

The clock is ticking for you to buy certain trim levels of the popular Jeep Cherokee with 0 percent financing for 75 months, along with $500 bonus cash to put in your Christmas stocking. Jeep also has special discounts and offers for veterans and active military members.