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2018 Jeep Wrangler Rumored to Feature Massive Changes


Ionic 4-wheeler Undergoing Some Stylish Changes

If spy pictures on the Internet have any truth to them at all, the 2018 Jeep Wrangler is undergoing some changes to bring aerodynamics to the iconic military 4 x 4. A slanted grill, body sculpting, more modern mirrors and folding back glass let the Jeep retain most of its familiar shape while allowing that times have changed since it was first unleashed as an off-road vehicle. Fiat-Chrysler America, parent company of the Jeep, knows that the Wrangler is the ultimate off-road machine so it seems unlikely the company would do anything to damage its reputation as an off-the-shelf penultimate four-wheeler. Keep your eyes peeled to the showroom at Chapman Dodge for the new Wrangler.

Patent for Folding Back Glass Could Apply to Jeep

Chrysler has applied for a patent on a folding back window that doesn’t necessarily apply to the Wrangler, but according to it is really the only vehicle for which the design makes sense. The new glass would fold up and over the top, which could require the front windows to stay open or some other design change to keep the fumes on the outside of the vehicle. Taking the Wrangler’s soft top off and putting it back up again can be a bit of a challenge, so an open rear window could appeal to off-road enthusiasts who enjoy the fresh wind of a mountain trail.

Wrangler Going on a Diet

Because of the low gear ratio that’s needed to provide power for climbing over rocks the Jeep Wrangler is never going to be the highest gas mileage vehicle in the Jeep family. Since cutting the power is not a viable option, Jeep is committed to dropping the weight in order to meet gas mileage standards. A much more extensive use of industrial strength aluminum will help bring the weight down, as will the development of a hydroformed frame that provides the much-needed strength without all the bulk of steel. A diesel option is another possibility for Wrangler to retain all its performance while keeping up with efficiency standards of other vehicles.

Possible Pickup in the Works

Jeep lovers are salivating over rumors that the company may issue a limited production pickup in the general size range of the Wrangler. The Comanche, based on the Cherokee, was the last Jeep pickup to make an appearance aside from a couple of concept vehicles. A Jeep pickup has been in the rumor mill ever since as it makes perfect sense for people who want something more aggressive to compete with the Chevy Colorado and Toyota Tacoma.

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