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Dodge Dart Goes Like H-E-Double Hockey Sticks


Pays Respect to Omni GLH from 1980s

The front-wheel drive Omni of the 1980s holds a special place in the 100-year timeline of Dodge vehicles. Love it or hate it, the Omni was memorable for helping save Chrysler from bankruptcy protection. The most interesting trim level was the GLH, which stood for Goes Like Hell. The GLH came from the mind of race master Carroll Shelby, who actually bought up the last 500 models and turned them into the 1986 Shelby GLHS (Goes Like Hell Some More). When Dodge pondered what kind of concept car to bring to SEMA, the Dart GLH was born. The Dodge Dart GLH isn’t available for sale, but there are five trim levels of the sporty sedan ready for your inspection at Chapman Dodge.

Dart GLH Mirrors Look of Omni Ancestor

With its pitch-black paint and lower body red accents, the new Dodge Dart GLH is definitely paying homage to its Omni roots. By mixing available aftermarket products like a front fascia with a grille designed specifically for the concept car, the Dart looks like a panther ready to pounce on some unsuspecting prey. Black 18-inch wheels provide the grip and a high-performance Dart brake kits delivers the stopping power. Custom dual exhaust tips add a nice finishing touch along with a throaty roar when you step on the gas.

Interior Trim a Few Steps Above Old Omni

Although the Omni GLH was a fun, fast little car, it wasn’t known for the quality of materials in the cabin. The Dodge Dart GLH features real Katzkin leather on the seats with red mesh inserts. Red stitching provides a nice contrast throughout. Mopar aftermarket products include a sport steering wheel and racing shift knob, carpet mats and sill plates emblazoned with the Dart logo. Dodge kept the standard 2.4-liter engine in the Dodge, which delivers a best-in-class 184 horsepower. That engine not only provides plenty of pep in the little car, but delivers 35 miles per gallon out on the highway.

Multiple Dart Trim Levels Provide Consumer Choice

Although the GLH is not for sale, there are five trim levels of the 2016 Dodge Dart just waiting for your test drive at Chapman Dodge. The base SE starts at under $17,000. Move on up the line through the SXT, Aero and GT until you arrive at the top of the line Limited, which starts at a very reasonable $23,795. The Limited features 17-inch aluminum wheels, a leather-trim interior and large 8.4 inch touchscreen with navigation, voice command and Bluetooth connectivity. A power sunroof is also standard.

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