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Fiat Chrysler Boss Bemoans Costs of Higher Safety Requirements

Fiat Chrysler CEO Marchionne answers questions from the media during the FCA Investors Day in Auburn Hills

U.S. Safety Regulators Cracking Down

Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, is concerned that a new United States emphasis on crash testing and safety will make it much more difficult for some automakers to stay in business. Chrysler will comply fully with regulator requests, Marchionne said, but that a difference in attitude is going to end up costing consumers in the long run. “(It) is bound to increase the costs of execution of the car,” he said. “I just want clear rules. This is the only thing that we, humbly, will request. We can’t change the rules after the event.”

Some Customers Won’t Bring Cars in for Repair

Marchionne said that although FCA is willing to do repairs on 100 percent of recalled vehicles, some customers don’t want to make the effort to bring the vehicle in for service. Depending on the severity of the problem, some customers would rather not have their week interrupted with a trip to the dealership. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a target for automakers to repair at least 75 percent of all recalled vehicles within 18 months of the recall. Marchionne said FCA will comply with all new regulations.

Chrysler Industry Leader in Safety

Despite some administrative problems in the handling of recalls, FCA continues to be an industry leader in offering safety innovations designed to avoid and minimize the impact of collisions. Features like adaptive cruise control automatically bring your car to a safe following distance behind the vehicles in front of you as traffic slows down. Forward collision warning, rear view camera, parallel park assist and lane departure warning are additional technologies available in the Chrysler 200, Chrysler 300 and Town and Country minivan lineups. Stop by Chapman Chrysler Scottsdale today to see how all the FCA innovations are designed to keep you and your precious cargo safe.

Airbag Surround Reduces Chance of Injury

You’ve heard of surround sound? Chrysler offers surround airbags, with eight deployable units surrounding you and your passengers in the case of collision from any angle. A one-touch 9-1-1 Call system connects you with emergency operators to get first responders out on the scene as quickly as possible. Other safety features include blind spot monitoring, Keyless Enter ‘n Go and an electric parking brake that automatically engages should the driver leave the car without putting the vehicle in park. See what Detroit has been up to for the past few years by examining the all new Chrysler lineup at Chapman Chrysler Scottsdale.

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