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Jeep Chief Concept Earns Enthusiastic Reviews


Designers Started With Wrangler Unlimited Frame

Paying homage to the Jeep Super Wagoneer of the late 1960s, Jeep designers have come up with a nostalgic “Chief” concept vehicle that has enthusiasts salivating for more. By starting with the frame from the Wrangler Unlimited, designers had a step up on the process of creating a new vehicle. Some modifications were made to lower the roof height and the rear doors were successfully camouflaged to make it look like a two-door vehicle. Although there are no promises of making the Chief a production vehicle, you can test drive the entire lineup of trail-rated Jeeps at Chapman Jeep.

Jeep Enjoys Long and Storied History

From the time the predecessor to the Wrangler was introduced for military service in World War II, the Jeep brand has been one of the most innovative automakers in America. In 1961, Jeep broke from building off-road vehicles with the introduction of the Fleetvan. This miniature stepvan was designed for anything from use by the Post Office to an ice cream truck. The introduction of the Wagoneer in 1962 signaled the company’s entry into a family vehicle that could hold dad, mom, a couple of kids and the family dogs. It had all the comfort of other similar vehicles, with the advantage of four wheel drive. The same year brought the introduction of the Jeep Gladiator pickup truck, which was pretty much a Wagoneer where a pickup bed replaced the back two-thirds of the vehicle. Subsequent years saw the introduction of a luxury Wrangler, called the Tuxedo Park, another Jeep pickup and the Jeepster Commando. The Commando came in a hard top, convertible, and roadster edition.

Renegade Newest Jeep to Hit the Trails

With a stylish interior, removable roof panels and a four-wheel drive system that pays proper respect to the Jeep name, the little Renegade subcompact SUV is making a name for itself among four-wheel drive critics. With a standard 1.4-liter turbo engine, remote keyless entry, power windows and audio controls mounted on the steering wheel, the Renegade has the power and creature comforts to make your day excursion one to remember. An innovative front passenger seat folds flat to make more room for cargo in an interior that already leads its class in storage volume. The legendary seven pillar grille surrounded by round headlights tells the world that this is a Jeep. See the Renegade for yourself and take a test drive at your Jeep in Scottsdale dealer,  Chapman Jeep.

Grab a Cherokee During Year End Sales Event

The clock is ticking for you to buy certain trim levels of the popular Jeep Cherokee with 0 percent financing for 75 months, along with $500 bonus cash to put in your Christmas stocking. Jeep also has special discounts and offers for veterans and active military members.

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