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Keeping Your Car Cool and Safe in the Summer


We frequently concentrate on keeping our homes cool but often forget about our cars. When the hot Arizona summer comes around, you need to be aware of car safety concerns with the heat. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your car cool and safe during the Arizona summer.


The most important thing to remember is that your car can be extremely hot during the summer, and when parked, it becomes like an oven. According to experts, the temperatures in a car can reach 150 degrees in less than an hour, even if the windows are left cracked open. This is not only dangerous but can be fatal for a child or pet.

Never leave a child or pet in a car. Children and pets are more sensitive to temperature changes than adults, Children and pets can suffer heat stroke in a matter of minutes

Don’t leave your car unlocked. Many heat-related car deaths result when children get into unlocked cars to play. Lock car doors and trunks, even when at home, and make sure keys are not accessible to children.

When your car has been parked in the sun, be particularly cautious of seat belt buckles and car seats. They can often be hot enough to cause serious burns.
Check your fluids regularly. During the Heat of the summer, the last thing you want is for your car to overheat. Have your automobile serviced regularly during the hot months.

Summer Car Tips

When it is extremely hot outside, there are a few simple things that you can do to keep the heat down inside your car.

Park in the Shade – If at all possible, try to find a parking spot in the shade. Even if it means you have to walk a bit further, you’ll be glad to do it when you return to a car that isn’t sweltering inside.

Purchase a Sunshade – These are quite cheap and very effective. You can purchase shades for the front windshield as well as others for back windows at any auto parts store, or at Dodge in Scottsdale.

Get Your Windows Tinted – Just about any dealership service department, like Chapman Dodge, can tint your windows, and the cost is very reasonable. Some windshield/tinting specialists can do the job in no time at all, and it’s definitely worth it. Also, they will be aware of laws on window tint level.

Keep a Summer Auto Kit – Bring extra water when you leave the house, perhaps a cooler, and throw a few towels in to cover seats or the steering wheel when the car is parked.

Be Careful What You Leave in the Car – Last but certainly not least, take care on what you leave in the car. Summer heat can destroy common car contents such as CDs or DVDs, pressurized items like hairspray or soda cans, credit cards, cell phones and other electronic devices.


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