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Ram Promaster Van Comes in 14 Configurations


Pick Design That Best Fits Your Needs

The new Ram Promaster Van is built with the commercial customer in mind. With 14 different configurations to fit the specific needs of your business, the Promaster features the largest cargo openings in its class, making it a snap to load and unload large crates of material. Standard size pallets fit easily through the side or rear doors. You can choose between exterior vehicle heights up to 99.4 inches and wheelbases up to 159 inches with a variety of configurations in between. The rear doors swing open 260 degrees and hug the sides, enabling you the maximum access while still being able to park in tight places. Head to Chapman Dodge Scottsdale and talk about all the ways a Promaster Van can help your business transportation needs.

Transverse Engine Mounting Frees Leg Room

By mounting the engine sideways under the hood, Dodge has freed up tons of leg room in the new Ram Promaster Van. With no engine cover to heat up the interior, you can enjoy miles of travel without ever feeling cramped or suffering from the “leg burn” of van drivers from the past. The interior is functional and attractive, with easy-to-clean hard plastic on the dash and floor. Chrysler’s 5-inch touchscreen infotainment system provides the hands-free functionality for communication and audio streaming that makes for a safe and enjoyable drive. Navigation is also available.

Choose Between Diesel or Gasoline

Chrysler’s standard 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar gasoline engine is the go-to power plant for all the Ram vans, but you do have the option to upgrade to a 3.0-liter turbo diesel. Along with better gas mileage, the diesel engine stretches out the fluid changes to 18,000 miles and provides better low-end torque for pulling trailers. The V6 provides snappy response, propelling the large van to 60 mph in a little more than 9 seconds. A well-tuned suspension and small turning ratio provide easy maneuverability and comfy ride.

Promaster Delivers Higher Payloads

The new Ram Promaster Van delivers higher payload capacity, more maneuverability and better fuel economy than competitor vans. Low load floors mean easier loading and unloading of cargo, while the large number of configurations ensures there is a van to suit your needs. Check the Promaster out by talking with the pros at Chapman Dodge Scottsdale.

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