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Mopar lovers are over the moon at the emphasis Dodge has put on bringing the muscle car back into the American limelight. From the Charger and Challenger R/T and Hellcat models to the Durango SRT SUV, the Brotherhood of Muscle is more than an ad campaign, it’s a way of life in the Dodge Garage. The Dodge HEMI, initially the most feared engine among all muscle cars in the 1960s, has been resurrected and inserted in everything from Pony cars to pickup trucks. For the most available horsepower from any American automaker, all you need to do is take a trip to Chapman Dodge and look at the entire Dodge lineup.

Need a Four-Door? Charger’s Your Answer

If your daily transportation needs require four doors, but you aren’t ready to join the minivan parade at the school carpool, become the coolest parent on the block when you show up in a Dodge Charger. This four-door sedan comes in a number of trim levels, but to get the HEMI vibe you need to start with at least the R/T. That model runs on pure gasoline with a 370 horsepower HEMI under the hood. If you need a bit more oomph the R/T Scat Pack puts 485 horses of HEMI power at your disposal. For the most powerful Charger available, step up to the Hellcat and 707 unleashed horses full of fire and fury. Any of these vehicles will get you membership into the Brotherhood of Muscle, but you don’t have to check your comfort needs at the door. The Charger is loaded with technology and creature comfort items that makes every thrill ride a pleasure.

Challenger the Pony Car with Pop

The Dodge Challenger is perfect for sports car lovers who think two doors is just the right amount. With the same power available as the Charger, the Challenger is the rear-wheel drive car that never met an empty parking lot that wasn’t perfect for practicing some drifts. The Challenger has the Hellcat trim level as well, but for the rare few who think 707 horses just aren’t enough, the new Demon is ready to take on all comers. This 800 horsepower plus beast owns the record for fastest time for a production car in a quarter mile, taking just 9.65 seconds to cover the distance at a top speed of 140.09 mph. While that may not come in handy during the office car pool, it can make your daily commute awfully fun.

Durango is the SUV for People Who Love to Drive

As America’s fastest three-row SUV, the Dodge Durango SXT covers the run from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds. It also has a phenomenal towing capacity of 8,700 pounds, making it the perfect vehicle for weekend adventures whether you’re pulling a boat or not. With a 6.4L HEMI providing 475 horses and 470 pound-feet of torque, the Durango SRT has the power to adapt to anything that might come its way. See all the members of the Brotherhood of Muscle and take a test drive at Chapman Dodge in Scottsdale.

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Dream Cruise Unveils Upgraded Nameplates

Dodge took the opportunity to excite a large throng of Mopar fans coming to the annual Woodward Dream Cruise by revealing its latest two muscle car brands. The 2017 Challenger T/A and Charger Daytona add to the company’s already impressive sports lineup. The coupe and sedan pump up the horsepower the historic V8 HEMI delivers by using new exhaust and induction technology. The chassis and suspension have also been improved to provide impressive handling and braking. “More than 1.5 million enthusiasts are expected to come to Woodward to celebrate classic muscle cars this week, so it’s a perfect opportunity to pay tribute to the Challenger T/A and Charger Daytona with new special editions,” said Dodge passenger car chief Tim Kuniskis. “We’ll continue to celebrate the brand’s muscle car performance with another special-edition announcement later this fall.” Check in often with Chapman Dodge to see when the new Challenger T/A and Charger Daytona will be available for a test drive.

Challenger Pays Homage to 1970 Limited Edition

Only 2,399 Dodge Challenger T/A models were built in 1970, intended to be used in a Trans Am racing series. The new T/A starts with the Challenger R/T model then starts adding equipment to boost the performance. Along with a modified hood scoop to feed the engine with cold air, the new T/A has a high performance exhaust system, wide Mopar wheels, a lowered suspension, Bilstein shocks and the ability to select from three different electronic stability control calibrations. The T/A comes with a 6-speed manual, but an 8-speed automatic transmission is also an option. Fuel saver technology cuts the cylinder usage in half when you’re out cruising at highway speeds. The Challenger T/A also has a “Plus” model that offers a more refined interior with leather seats, upgraded sound system and much more.

Daytona Delivers for People Who Need 4 Doors

The Dodge Charger Daytona is named after the 1969 model, which was limited to a little more than 500 units to be used on the NASCAR circuit. Like the Challenger, it builds off the R/T model with upgraded intake and exhaust, a performance suspension and electronic stability features to help keep it under control. The Daytona engine controller limits the top speed to 150 mph. Both the Challenger and Charger utilize Dodge’s proven High Impact Paint to provide a special flair you won’t find in any other automaker. Stop by Chapman Dodge when these two models arrive to see colors such as Green Go, Yellow Jacket, Go Mango and TorRed.


Ultimate Off-Road Vehicle Continues to Hold Value Well

The 2015 Jeep Wrangler continues to evolve with new technology and advanced features, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is how well this versatile off-road vehicle holds its value. Kelley Blue Book, a trusted source of consumer automotive advice, recently named the Wrangler as the best in its class in terms of resale value. According to, the average Wrangler retains almost 60 percent of its retail value after 5 years of ownership. This legendary rock crawler is popular both for its ability to tame the harshest terrain as well as haul families and groceries through congested urban traffic. Check out the Jeep Wrangler at Chapman Dodge.

The appeal of the Wrangler lies in a history of performance and one-of-a-kind, no-nonsense design that does exactly what it’s supposed to do; get over obstacles that lie in your way. The solid axles and stout construction are as at home on the freeway wedged between two tractor-trailers as it is traversing an old forest road. The 285-horsepower, 6-cylinder engine provides plenty of power whether you pair it with the standard manual shifter or 5-speed automatic. This iconic vehicle stays true to its military roots in terms of design and function, but features like a concert-quality sound system, air conditioning and cruise control provide plenty of comfort for the 21st century driver.

Charger Makes List of Best Resale Full-Size Car

The appeal of the four-door Dodge Charger lies not just in its muscle-car heritage, but in the amount of fun a driver can have in a vehicle that still serves a family function. Baby Boomers who have fond remembrances of a car that took the road and track by storm in the 1960s and 1970s continue to keep the Charger’s resale value above similar sized vehicles. KBB estimates the Charger will maintain a little more than 50 percent of its original purchase price after 3 years and about 40 percent after 5 years. A new Dodge Charger starts below $30,000, with the super-powered Hellcat model going for more than $64,000.

With engines ranging from 292 up to 707 horsepower, you might think the Charger is all about speed, but that would be ignoring creature comforts like an entertainment and navigation system with a large 8.4-inch screen. Comfortable seats hug the driver and passenger when flying around mountain corners. If you like a family car that leaves the other parents in the dust, you’ll love the 2015 Dodge Charger. Check out the new Charger at Chapman Dodge.

The action-packed movie will make its theater debut in just a few weeks and Chapman Dodge Chrysler Jeep wants to take you for an exclusive behind-the-scenes thrill ride. You’ll get to see an insider look as Vin Diesel and Paul Walker tear up the streets of Rio de Janeiro in their HEMI®-powered Chargers, including the two specially prepared matte black Chargers for the movie’s climax scene. Check out the video to get a firsthand look at the full lineup of stunt vehicles and how the film makers captured all the adrenaline-filled, nail-biting action.

Now that we have your attention, head over to to get all the behind the scenes action, learn more about the movie and cars and check out the 2011 Dodge Charger. As if that was not enough to get your heart pounding, the site also features an exclusive sweepstakes to win one of five custom Fast Five Edition 2011 Charger R/Ts . Good luck and don’t forget to catch the movie in theaters nationally April 29th.