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‘Tis the Season to Take Your Wrangler on Rubicon Trail


Sturdy Four-Wheeler Package Named After Iconic Path

Four-wheel enthusiasts have either already tackled the Rubicon Trail or have it on their bucket list of things to accomplish. Although the trail is only 22 miles long, it includes some of the toughest terrain in the country. What started as a trade route to deal with Native Americans has evolved from a stagecoach trail into one of the most cherished off-road journeys in the United States. Ever since the first vehicle attempted to navigate the trail in 1908, it has been a magnet for off-road cars and drivers to test the latest technology and their own intestinal fortitude. The Rubicon edition of the Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited is set up with special equipment to help make crossing the Rubicon more than just a fool’s journey. See the special Rubicon package for yourself at Chapman Jeep.

Rubicon Built for Any Trail

You don’t need to drive up to Lake Tahoe and jump on the Rubicon Trail to enjoy the off-road features of the Wrangler Rubicon. Just head out to the desert and explore to take advantage of the electronic sway bar disconnect, Rock-Trac 4×4 system and Tru-Lok locking differentials. The difference between a stock four-wheel drive system and a properly-equipped Rubicon model is as startling as coming over a rise to see a spectacular canyon. The ability of the Rubicon Wrangler to articulate, send traction to the proper wheel and crawl up or down some of nature’s nastiest paths is what sets it apart from other four-wheel wannabes.

No One Said You Had to Be Uncomfortable

While some rock crawlers you see out in the wild look like something from a “Mad Max” movie, the new Rubicon Wrangler offers enough creature comforts to make your day trip as smooth as it is exciting. The Jeep Wrangler interior is laid out to earn the honor of being the most comfortable interior in its class. There’s plenty of sound proofing and padding to keep the harsh outback noises, dust and vibration out of the cabin. Add the heated, leather trimmed front seats, lighted cup holders, LED map lights and a killer sound system and you can enjoy your excursion while still sitting in the lap of luxury.

Summer is the Time to Take on Rubicon

Now is the best time of the year to take on the Rubicon trail. If you’ve never been before, your best bet is to go with either an experienced friend or join a four-wheel club that’s planning a trip. Jeepers Jamboree is a group that plans two outings a year. One is coming up the end of July, while the actual Jeep Jamboree is scheduled for early August. Both are family fun events that offer plenty of support for new drivers. The first step is getting your hands on a new Rubicon Wrangler, which you can do today with a trip to Chapman Jeep.

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